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Medical Cleaning

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The healthcare landscape in North America continues to evolve rapidly with a consistent series of technological advancements as well as scientific breakthroughs. Whilst these developments are no doubt highly intriguing and equally promising to bring hope to many, it is important to realize that traditional cleaning techniques can still pose a severe threat to patient safety.

At Pro Janitorial, we recognize the critical importance of integrating environmental services in Canadian healthcare. That is why our company has a dedicated team of certified professionals with an unparalleled level of expertise in clinical and surgical aseptic protocols. We harness the latest and scientifically validated sterile cleaning techniques to provide the highest quality environmental services to the healthcare industry in southeastern Ontario.

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We certainly understand that healthcare facilities necessarily call for a higher level of cleanliness as well as infection control when compared to other non-clinical facilities and regardless of the size of the former. That is why our resources are devoted to ensuring a safe and infection-free environment for your patients and in-house crew.

Our ultimate objective is to prevent the manifestation of healthcare-associated infections that can potentially affect millions of patients annually. Preventing infection remains one of the toughest operational challenges of present-day healthcare providers since patient safety is always one of their most significant concerns. At Pro Janitorial, we firmly believe that a clean and sanitary environment is critical to not only easing patient anxiety but also boosting the confidence level in your staff, and it surely helps in reducing the odds of disease transmission considerably.

Incorporating the latest in technology, training, and scientific cleaning practices allows our company to provide uncompromised service to its clientele. We employ the finest cleaning agents and the best equipment that money can buy, including microfiber mops and hand cloths for superior dusting and collection, dual-zone mop buckets to prevent cross-contamination, and multi-filtration vacuums that capture 90% of bacteria, dust mites, and viruses, not to mention having a highly sophisticated ATP (adenosine triphosphate) metering system.


To ensure that we meet and exceed the varied expectations of our clientele, our health safety and quality compliance team performs rigorous inspections of their healthcare facility every month. We have meticulously developed an infection control framework to assess cleaner performance and make sure that our company is indeed delivering the highest level of medical cleaning service to its beneficiaries.

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